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Southern Churches Worship Schedule

Tuesday evenings at 5:30PMFor McLeese lake. Dinner and then service. At Kathy Carter’s house in Macalister.
Sunday mornings at 10AMFor Lac La Hache. 4855 Timothy Lake Rd, Lac La Hache.
2nd and 4th Sunday 3:30PMFor Sheridan Lake. Contact us for location.
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Northern Churches Worship Schedule

Sundays at 1:00PM Baker Creek Community Hall. Worship time followed by fellowship and games night.
Sundays at 6:30PM Ndazkoh house church meets at the home of Jon and Shannon. Worship is informal and includes traditional drums and a Dakelh flavour.
Mondays at 7:00PM Punchaw house church once a month. Call Jon for more details.
Mondays biweekly pastoral visits to the village of Lhoosk’uz.
Tuesdays at 2:30-4:30PM During the school year Ndazkoh Kids’ Bible Class at the Nazko Valley Community Centre.