In the Cariboo House Churches, we will look to the Holy Spirit to orchestrate the celebration of Jesus, our honoured host.  When we gather we will feast together on the Word and at the table, savouring each morsel as we grow and spur one another on in discipleship. As the Holy Spirit leads, we will worship in our hearts and bodies as we sing, pray and give ourselves completely to the Lord. We will welcome all including the stranger, the poor and lonely, the disenfranchised, anticipating the wedding feast of the Kingdom of God.  We will spend time sharing our lives and enjoying one another’s presence. The servants at the party will help us learn and grow to celebrate more and more deeply.  We will regularly go out to the remote areas of the Cariboo Chilcotin telling others the good news and inviting them in so they can also meet the master of the celebration and enter the joy of Jesus’ presence.


                    Walking by the power of the Spirit                  

Trusting God in all things

Seeking wholeness through Christ

Embodying Jesus in the world

Upholding Scripture in grace and love 

Gathering faithfully as the church

Engaging people through their culture


Measurements:                 Personal Growth, Gathered Fellowship, and Engaged Ministry 

Personal Growth

A follower of Jesus Christ:  

  • Experiences a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Practices spiritual disciplines.
  • Articulates the basic teachings of the Bible.
  • Is aware of and exercises their spiritual gifts.
  • Gives of their time, gifts and finances.
  • Lives and grows in the fruit of the Spirit in every aspect of life.
  • Witnesses to the good news of Jesus.
  • Lives in faith and trust.
  • Lives sacrificially.
  • Cares for others in need.

Gathered  Fellowship

A community of followers of Jesus Christ is devoted to:

  • Fellowship and relationship building.
  • Scriptural teaching and learning.
  • The breaking of bread in the Lord’s Supper and fellowship meals.
  • Worship and singing.
  • Sacrificially serving one another.

Engaged Ministry

Followers of Jesus Christ are sent out to:           

  • Sacrificially serve in the community and world.
  • Share the good news of Jesus.
  • Grow to include others.
  • Seek justice.
  • Care for community and creation.
  • Work for reconciliation between divided people.
  • Disciple other people.
  • Connect meaningfully to the global Church.



Spiritual friendship and mentorship

Intimate worshipping communities

Community specific outreach